• Parroting on
    Parroting on

    Shaun Dodimead (Samuel) attempts to intervene at a critical moment

  • Not one!
    Not one!

    Bugger off Katherine Evans! (Frederic)

  • Apparently, actually, yes one!
    Apparently, actually, yes one!

    Lisa Axworthy (Mabel) declares loudly, the rest are wrong, there is indeed one!

  • Wait a minute!
    Wait a minute!

    Adrian Hickford (Pirate King) declares "That's my theme tune..."

  • Poetic Justice?
    Poetic Justice?

    The company takes on Hail Poetry with alarming results

  • Away Away!
    Away Away!

    "Away Away" is heard from the crowd at the re-appearance of Matt Sturgeon (Ruth)

  • Oh horror!
    Oh horror!

    More Matthew Sturgeon (Ruth)

  • PC Ponsford reporting for duty!
    PC Ponsford reporting for duty!

    The Sergeant of Police (Mark Ponsford) keeps a lot under his hat...

Cast List for Pirates

We can cast you a nativity

at a low figure


Major General - David Tatnall

The Pirate King - Adrian Hickford

Samuel - Shaun Dodimead

Frederic - Katherine Evans

James (Jul 23-28) - David Putley

James (Aug 9) - Richard Chamberlain

Sergeant of Police - Mark Ponsford

PC Plank - Adam Case

Mabel - Lisa Axworthy

Edith - Vicky Wilson

Kate- Anne Croudass

Isabel - Helen Tatnall

Helen(Jul 23-28) - Natalie Thorn

Helen (Aug 9) - Nichola Paterson

Kitty- Louise Hodson

Ruth - Matt Sturgeon


Director  - David Tatnall

Musical Director- Martin Paterson

Assistant Director - Louise Hodson

Lighting Designer - Shaun Dodimead

Stage Manager - Dan Wilson

Scenic Design - Annie Tatnall

Wardrobe - Sue Tatnall


“And honorary members of our band we do elect you!”


Flute - Gina Briant
Clarinets - Paul Layland and Patrick Bolton

Piano - Martin Paterson


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