• Parroting on
    Parroting on

    Shaun Dodimead (Samuel) attempts to intervene at a critical moment

  • Not one!
    Not one!

    Bugger off Katherine Evans! (Frederic)

  • Apparently, actually, yes one!
    Apparently, actually, yes one!

    Lisa Axworthy (Mabel) declares loudly, the rest are wrong, there is indeed one!

  • Wait a minute!
    Wait a minute!

    Adrian Hickford (Pirate King) declares "That's my theme tune..."

  • Poetic Justice?
    Poetic Justice?

    The company takes on Hail Poetry with alarming results

  • Away Away!
    Away Away!

    "Away Away" is heard from the crowd at the re-appearance of Matt Sturgeon (Ruth)

  • Oh horror!
    Oh horror!

    More Matthew Sturgeon (Ruth)

  • PC Ponsford reporting for duty!
    PC Ponsford reporting for duty!

    The Sergeant of Police (Mark Ponsford) keeps a lot under his hat...

Daily Echo Review for Pirates

A Midsummer Pantomime that featured all the usual suspects; a swaggering Pirate King, (complete with occasionally malfunctioning hook), energetically played by Adrian Hickford, a thigh-slapping principal boy (another excellent performance from teenage Katherine Evans as Frederic) and Director David Tatnall as (predictably) a very funny model of a modern Major General. The stand-out performances, though, came from Lisa Axworthy (wonderful love-struck facial expressions from a soprano of rare quality) as Mabel, Mark Ponsford (an hilariously camp Sergeant of Police) and Matt Sturgeon as Ruth. Sturgeon wrung every drop out of the pantomime dame part (don’t sit near the front as I did!) and even led an audience sing-along! Martin Paterson once again directed musical accompaniment from a talented trio and special mention also for Shaun Dodimead who combined his role as parrot puppet-master with lighting design. You don’t need to ask if these pirates are talented – because they just aaaare!


Alan Johns

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