Opening Night!

Well here goes nothing! We open tonight at the Farm, should be a "warm" welcome. See what I did there.

On another note, David's publicity machine is in full swing, including this preview from the echo...

"The cast includes many local favourites including Lisa Axworthy as Mabel, Mark Ponsford as The Sergeant of Police, Adrian Hickford as The Pirate King, Katherine Evans as thigh-slapping principal boy Frederic and Matt Sturgeon donning frocks and frills as Dame Ruth. The musical director is Martin Paterson."

Cuts me to the core. That's all i'm saying.

Yeomen is go!

Well, the time has come, it's been a long time in the making but Yeomen for SOS at the Nuffield is tantalizingly close to starting. I want to say thanks to the committed folks who have built and decorated one the best SOS sets i've seen in ages, it's going to make a massive difference to the context of the show.

Myself, fingers crossed I've finally nailed private buffoon, only two more tricky dialogue lines to blunder through. For Jack Point Gilbert gave him a surprisingly small amount of dialogue, but in surprisingly long chunks! I really hope everything we've set, and worked one will come together tonight for our dress and then for our audiences. It's a traditional setting on the piece but hopefully my chaotic random plans will come to the fore!

Please come and support us this week, Yeomen's not on the menu for local societys for a while (I understand) and it is a cracker. If you like your operetta (and let's face it, who doesn't!) you won't be disappointed!



Uncle Mik (Atwood)

I'm writing this from the confines of the lighting box here at the Point theatre in Eastleigh, where EOMS are performing their version of The Mikado, directed by none other than journeyman opener David Tatnall. Interesting take on a show I love but as yet have not been in? Why you ask? Opportunity? Injury? drugs?

nah -never get KoKo


Does that make a diva? Stropping off after not getting the part I wanted? Yes probably!!!

If someone out there needs a KoKo in a hurry, I know the part well (the audition pieces at least)

Opens tomorrow May 8th 2012 and runs till Saturday

Site for sore eyes

Okay, so the site, and the facebook presence are starting to come together, all this whilst we're planning for our production of Pirates of Penzance. It's going to be unique that's for sure. 

Personally, I'm really enjoying what I'm up to this time round, certainly something I've only ever taught before (despite having no qualifications whatsoever!) but have always enjoyed.

Wings crossed for success!

Meanwhile rehearsals for Yeomen of the Guard over at Southampton Operatic are going brilliantly, except for my ability to fit all the Gilbertian text into my head. It's funny, in your memory you've heard all these lines a million times and think you know the show, you know what? You probably dont...

Parroting on

Wondering how to approach working a parrot? Step 1 - get a real parrot.

The new website is coming along okay, we need to upload more pictures! 

Added support for twitter, and changed a few articles around. Nice work!

I'm doing the lighting for Eastleigh Operatic's production of The Mikado next week, hopefully it won't be too complex. Mostly my G&S lighting plots are on and off, but you never know. The last time I lit Eastleigh's Mikado the grief I got for my remarkably stylish flashing fireworks. Will DT get that this time?


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