• Judging contest
    Judging contest

    The Judge (Mark Ponsford) dispenses more wisdom on how to milk a song to Foreman (Michael Cooper), Jurymen (Davids Tatnall and Turner) and sir juryman not appearing in the photo (Shaun Dodimead)

  • Usher in the changes
    Usher in the changes

    The Plaintiff (Lisa Axworthy) takes a shine to the Usher (the learned Chris Evans)

  • Trials and Tubeulations
    Trials and Tubeulations

    The cast take the tube to the old bailey. Very unpleasant.

  • Awkward...

    Edwin (Owen Perring) arrives in court with the other woman (Katherine Evans), and his living hairdo

  • Wild Child!
    Wild Child!

    Eliza Smith (Victoria Dodimead) makes quite the effort to sell her wares

  • No idea what's going on
    No idea what's going on

    Eliza (Victoria Dodimead), Grinder (Adrian Hickford), Æsculapius Carboy (David Tatnall), Mr Milking It (Mark Ponsford), Lætitia Grinder (Lucy Whiteman) congratulate each other that it's nearly the end

  • Arise Sir Brown
    Arise Sir Brown

    Thomas Brown (Shaun Dodimead) get's the girl - oh and the animals escape...

Trial and Zoo this week!

There are still tickets available for the run of Trial by Jury and The Zoo (Friday and two on Saturday). Here are some comments from those who have seen it so far:

"That's a hell of a lot for an hour and ten minutes" (Peter Sillick)

"Nice comedy glasses" (Matthew Sturgeon - bit rich)

"On the way home I was sick on my step-mum" (Shaun's friend Becca)

"Good to see those stage blocks being used" (Terry)

"Needed some more scenes involving people spelling things wrong" (Kevin Jones)

Tickets available here  - http://www.totton.ac.uk/hanger-farm/whats-on-at-hanger-farm/trial-by-jury-and-the-zoo.aspx

Trial by Jury rehearsals begin

Rehearsals for Pocket G&S's next production of Trial by Jury with The Zoo begin next week! Directed by David Tatnall with Keziah Jacombs as MD the cast includes Mark Ponsford (The Learned Judge), Lisa Axworthy (The Plaintiff), Owen Perring (The Defendant), Chris Evans (The Council) and Adrian Hickford (The Usher). This performance will also be previewed at The First Hedge End Gilbert and Sullivan Festival at the Berry Theatre on Friday October 4th alongside HMS Pinafore by Southampton Operatic Society.

The show runs at Hanger Farm from October 31st to November 2nd and will be accompanied by The Zoo, another comedy farce by Arthur Sullivan, with Bolton Rowe as lyricist. The cast includes David Tatnall (Carboy), Lucy Whiteman (Letitia), Shaun Dodimead (Thomas Brown) and Vicky Wilson (Eliza Smith). Alongside all these names also appearing in both of these productions are Katherine Evans, Anne Croudass, Louise Hodson, Michael Cooper and Dave Turner.

Tickets for the Hanger Farm run can be booked on (023) 80 667 683.

Additional information