• Looks better than it was?
    Looks better than it was?

    Shaun Dodimead (Dr. Tannhäuser) attempts to deftly attach two puppets, open a briefcase and manhandle playing cards whilst performing a number

  • His and Her Royal Highnesses
    His and Her Royal Highnesses

    Anne Croudass (Baroness Von Krakenfeld) and Adrian Hickford (The Grand Duke) demonstrate a good grasp of on stage sobriety

  • How to close a show
    How to close a show

    Abigail Miller and Louise Hodson show us what a real curtain closer is

  • Count to one
    Count to one

    Lisa Axworthy (Julia Jellicoe) helps Lisa understand one very simple thing

  • Tap-a-tap-a-tap-a

    David Tatnall (Ernest) demonstrates his abilites with word substitution whilst step ball changing

  • Chummy Chuckles
    Chummy Chuckles

    Mark Ponsford (Ludwig) regales his tomfoolery at giving away the whole plot based on a tax exempt foodstuff

  • Oo La Larks
    Oo La Larks

    David Putley (The Herald, oh and the very well known Costumier) finally realises his dreams

The Grand Duke

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