• Close shave
    Close shave

    The Judge (Shaun Dodimead) considers his next move as Anthony (Andrew Morgan) and Johanna (Katherine Evans) are about to be discovered

  • Hair raising performance
    Hair raising performance

    Tobias (George Lambourne) attempts to sell his ink piss to unsuspecting consumers

  • Gin

    Tobais (George Lambourne) enjoys a drop of gin

  • 782 Towers of Bray
    782 Towers of Bray

    When 9 bells toll, in the Tower of Bray, Beadle Bamford (David Putley) is in his element

  • Have a pie dear
    Have a pie dear

    Mrs Lovett (Annie Tatnall) puts on the glad rags to open her thriving pie shop

  • Pretty women are a wonder
    Pretty women are a wonder

    Sweeney Todd (Matt Sturgeon) holds the Judge's (Shaun Dodimead) life within his razors reach

  • You fink a you smart
    You fink a you smart

    Senior Pirelli (Abigail Miller) prepares to deliver the closest shave

Sweeney Rehearsals Begin!

Under the direction of musical director Martin Paterson, at his brand new house, music rehearsals begin today for the cast of Sweeney Todd which takes to the stage at Hanger Farm Arts Centre in April 2014. This represents rather a change of pace from Trial by Jury and The Zoo which has just finished a successful run this week!

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