• Lordly Ways
    Lordly Ways

    Lord Bath (Shaun Dodimead), David Tatnall, Mountarrat (Matt "Boris" Sturgeon), Tim Case, Tololler (Dan Hickson) and The Lord Chanceller (Adrian Hickford) are awaiting a train

  • Phyllis don't like us much
    Phyllis don't like us much

    Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) rejects the attentions of the lords...

  • Phyllis investigates
    Phyllis investigates

    Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) peers around to see the lords in their full glory!

  • He gives me the willis!

    Private Willis (David Tatnall) demonstrates his listening skills whilst being distracted by the Fairy Queen (Anne Croudass)

  • Lazy Days
    Lazy Days

    Strephon (Tim Case) and Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) sing that song they sing together. You know, that one...

  • Fairy odd business
    Fairy odd business

    The Fairy Queens group of loyal fairy assistants (Natalie Thorn and Annie Tatnall) debate the finer points of fairy life

  • Lordly Delights
    Lordly Delights

    The Lord Chancellor (Adrian Hickford) demonstrates a liking for Iolanthe (Lisa Axworthy)

Iolanthe 2011 Cast List

“Whatever our fate, let's play our parts”

The Lord Chancellor - Adrian Hickford 

Lord Mountararat - Matt Sturgeon

Lord Tolloller - Daniel Hickson

Strephon - Tim Case

Private Willis - David Tatnall

Lord Bath - Shaun Dodimead

The Fairy Queen - Anne Croudass 

Iolanthe - Lisa Axworthy

Celia - Katherine Evans 

Leila - Vicky Wilson

Fleta - Natalie Thorn

Delia - Alina Feodorova

Phyllis - Annie Masters



Director - David Tatnall

Musical Director - Hilary Green

Stage Manager - Michael Cooper

Lighting Designer - Shaun Dodimead


“That's so like a band!”

Flute - Ella Tutton

Flute - Aimee Dear 

Clarinet - Danni Sarony

Clarinet - Ali Hughes 

Trumpet - Steve Spencer

Trumpet - Rich Craik 

Percussion - Nick Harding

Piano - Hilary Green



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