• Lordly Delights
    Lordly Delights

    The Lord Chancellor (Adrian Hickford) demonstrates a liking for Iolanthe (Lisa Axworthy)

  • Phyllis investigates
    Phyllis investigates

    Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) peers around to see the lords in their full glory!

  • Fairy odd business
    Fairy odd business

    The Fairy Queens group of loyal fairy assistants (Natalie Thorn and Annie Tatnall) debate the finer points of fairy life

  • Lordly Ways
    Lordly Ways

    Lord Bath (Shaun Dodimead), David Tatnall, Mountarrat (Matt "Boris" Sturgeon), Tim Case, Tololler (Dan Hickson) and The Lord Chanceller (Adrian Hickford) are awaiting a train

  • Lazy Days
    Lazy Days

    Strephon (Tim Case) and Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) sing that song they sing together. You know, that one...

  • He gives me the willis!

    Private Willis (David Tatnall) demonstrates his listening skills whilst being distracted by the Fairy Queen (Anne Croudass)

  • Phyllis don't like us much
    Phyllis don't like us much

    Phyllis (Annie Tatnall) rejects the attentions of the lords...

Iolanthe 2011 Cast List

“Whatever our fate, let's play our parts”

The Lord Chancellor - Adrian Hickford 

Lord Mountararat - Matt Sturgeon

Lord Tolloller - Daniel Hickson

Strephon - Tim Case

Private Willis - David Tatnall

Lord Bath - Shaun Dodimead

The Fairy Queen - Anne Croudass 

Iolanthe - Lisa Axworthy

Celia - Katherine Evans 

Leila - Vicky Wilson

Fleta - Natalie Thorn

Delia - Alina Feodorova

Phyllis - Annie Masters



Director - David Tatnall

Musical Director - Hilary Green

Stage Manager - Michael Cooper

Lighting Designer - Shaun Dodimead


“That's so like a band!”

Flute - Ella Tutton

Flute - Aimee Dear 

Clarinet - Danni Sarony

Clarinet - Ali Hughes 

Trumpet - Steve Spencer

Trumpet - Rich Craik 

Percussion - Nick Harding

Piano - Hilary Green



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