• Mind your language
    Mind your language

    Kate Camiller (Melene) in her first production with us shows us what we've been missing. Did you know she's the daughter of George Camiller

  • UnCONCHenable

    Calynx displays his usual level of enthusiasm for his job...

  • Tells you all you need to know
    Tells you all you need to know

    Our entire cast showing off their best posed shot!

  • Making a splash
    Making a splash

    David Tatnall (Lord Dramaleigh), Ian Steel (Mr Goldbury) and Mark Pontin (Captain Corcoran) demonstrate the best way to soak a front row audience

  • Roll, roll in the hay...
    Roll, roll in the hay...

    Adrian Hickford (King Paramount) and Natalie Thorn (Lady Sophy) mop up our soggy stage with their costumes

  • Robot Love
    Robot Love

     Katie Steel (Princess Kalyba) and Katherine Evans (Princess Nekaya) show off their dance moves

  • Wise cracks
    Wise cracks

    Scaphio (Mark Ponsford) and Phantis (Shaun Dodimead) demonstrate how to centerpiece a chorus

Utopia Rehearsals Begin

Pocket G&S began rehearsals for their next production, Utopia Limited, last Sunday night under the direction of musical director Keziah Jacomb! The show runs from April 11th to 13th at Hanger Farm.


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